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Success stories

NATE's members come from multi-disciplinary fields and bring a broad base of knowledge and experience when using technology with children.  We feel feel strongly that sharing stories is one of the best ways to help teams set a vision for their students' use of technology. We share stories when we meet together at AT Conferences and Summits all over the United States.

Below are links to web sites that offer success stories about children with disabilities who use technology to increase their independence and functional performance.

Alliance for Technology Access

Assistive Technology in K-12 Schools is an online publication.  It  gives a range of information about integrating assistive technology into schools including a wide variety of case studies and success stories about children of different ages and disabilities.


These Success Stories are examples of students, mentors and partners who are part of the DO-IT community and are interested in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). These personal stories offer examples of success in the areas of assistive technology use, career development, education and self-determination.

 Center on Technology and Disabilities

The Center on Technology and Disability provides a wealth of free resources – personal and professional development (PPD) webinars, articles, guides, training materials and more. Whether you’re brand new to assistive technology or an experienced user wanting to remain on the leading edge, CTD has high-quality, research-based materials and events for you.

George Lucas Educational Foundation

This blog-format allows people to post their own stories, photos and comments about the use of assistive technology .  It is part of the larger effort of the George Lucan Educational Foundation to describe what works in education.

NATE Network members are currently working together to develop a site for sharing our own stories. Check back often to see how to contribute or access the site.

National Center on Accessible Educational Materials

Stories of AEM in action can be useful resources to build awareness and knowledge of issues related to accessible educational materials. The stories on this site cover a variety of topics and perspectives and are available for individual use or to incorporate into workshops and other learning opportunities. AEM Center videos are also available via the AEM Center's YouTube channel and we often provide links to download for offline use.

SET-BC Stories

SET-BC in British Columbia offers teachers and parents a chance to tell their success stories about AT on this wonderful web resource.  Stories are organized by the year they were posted and include photos of the children discussed.

NATE Network members are currently working on a way to share our own success stories.  Check back to this page for new developments!

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