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Documentation and Accountability-Overview

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AT services documentation and team accountability is critical. For the most part, school administrators have limited background in AT. They may not have any idea of the nature or extent of the services needed by the student or that student’s direct service staff. Demonstrating the nature and extent of the AT Team’s work across the school year bolsters the importance of AT services and provides documentation to administrators.  AT team accountability is achieved through the establishment of clear objectives and benchmarks that serve as a roadmap to improving AT services.

The field of AT has been lax when it comes to demonstrating the effectiveness of AT.  IEP data on AT is often unreliable and not reflective of the true state of AT use. Furthermore, IEP data reflects student information; it does not reflect the effectiveness of the AT Team.  At a time in educational history that emphasizes evidence-based decision-making, and values cost effectiveness, AT teams must build data collection into routine procedures. Documenting the effectiveness of AT services is key to building your team and bolstering the importance of AT. District leadership can only appreciate the value of what AT teams provide if you document and report on the services delivered. Annual reporting on AT team objectives provides further evidence of a clear sense of mission– that the team has well-defined short and long term goals and a dedication to achieving results that benefit the staff and students they serve.