Fall 2019- Supporting District-level AT Services: The Role of State and Regional Leaders

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Our fall 2019 class offers a chance to explore ways that state and regional leaders can support local AT team efforts to help build the capacity of school teams in modern school environments.  We will use the recorded content for the online Changing Role of AT Teams as a jumping off point. Activities, practical class assignments and discussions have been designed to specifically address state and regional leaders’ perspectives. 

The course includes videos and asynchronous discussion forums on the following topics.

      • AT service models
      • Differentiating AT services
      • Documenting AT services
      • Administrative supports
      • Professional development
      • Remote services
      • On-demand resources
      • Outreach

NOTE: Most of the modules have 2 parts. We recommend that you set aside at least 2 hours for each of the 8 modules. Four live webinars are included as part of the course for online discussion of questions and concerns with other state leaders.

Download the Syllabus: AT Leaders Sept 2019 AT Leaders Supporting District Services Fall -2019 to learn more about the Changing Roles of AT Teams.

To register, download a registration flyer for  AT Leaders Supporting District Services Fall -2019 here and send with payment information to Infinitec.