Resources for Getting Started With AT Teams

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The following resources may be of assistance in helping you get started with your AT Teams.  They have been developed and shared by people from a variety of agencies from small districts to very large districts and state-level programs.  Just click on the link to view or download the resource.  If you have a resource that you would like to share,  contact the NATE Network at .

AT Handbook for Education Professionals from Michigan

AT Handbook for Education Professionals   In the Fall of 2017, a task force of 24 Assistive Technology (AT) specialists from around the state of Michigan began work on the AT Handbook for Education Professionals to outline and recommend a process and set of resources to support the consideration, assessment and implementation of AT for students with disabilities.  More than 40 AT professionals were eventually involved.  This Handbook was completed on July 30, 2019 and has been reviewed by many people including Penny Reed and Gayl Bowser.

AT-A-Glance Version of AT Handbook for Education ProfessionalsThis At-A-Glance version of the Assistive Technology (AT) Handbook for Education Professionals is an abridged version that contains information that AT specialists may find helpful in implementing the AT process. Members of IEP teams who are not AT specialists will benefit from more direct access to the key principles and practices that can guide them in considering, assessing and implementing AT. Stakeholders who are interested in more details are encouraged to refer to the comprehensive version of this AT Handbook.

AT Handbook Executive Summary: The executive summary provides a brief overview of the development of the AT Handbook for Education Professionals, including the names of those who participated in the project, the timeline and the chapter names.


Education Tech Points Resource Section

The Coalition for Assistive Technology in Oregon developed and maintains the Education Tech Points website where they have assembled a wealth of supporting documents within a Resource Section.  This collection of resources is arranged based on the Education Tech Points of: Consideration and Referral, Evaluation, Trial Period, Plan Development, Implementation, Periodic Review, and Transition. Each section includes forms, resources, and  training materials.

Awareness Training for Educators and Parents

Not all educators understand what is meant by Assistive Technology. Some have a limited view of it, thinking it is only for students with significant disabilities. These two videos developed by the staff at Hyde Park Day School in Chicago provide an excellent overview of AT for students who struggle with reading and AT for students who struggle with writing. They can be an excellent starting point for rich discussion of how to use AT with these populations.