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AT Force Field Analysis Process

As a team, identify the driving forces and restraining forces that are affecting the use of AT by all learners.  To get started, ask each team member to individually spend 3 to 5 minutes generating at least 3 to 4 driving forces and 3 to 4 restraining forces affecting AT in your district.  Write each idea on a separate sticky note and then place them on the Worksheet for Force Field Analysis (using chart paper or a whiteboard). Cluster similar ideas and discuss the results as a group. If additional forces arise out of your discussions, add them to the chart.  This team exercise helps AT teams identify systemic issues that are outside of your control. This, in turn, helps your AT team plan and prioritize effective outreach efforts. Use the Outreach Planning Chart to connect issues with departments that can help solve systemic AT issues.

Outreach Planning Chart (example using a Lucid Chart)

Once you have completed your Force Field Analysis, you can then apply what you have learned to a graphic organizer/ planning chart.  Identify who can best help you tackle systemic “restraining forces”. Capitalize on those departments that are “driving forces” in the support of AT. See the sample Outreach Planning Chart as a model to help you create your own cluster chart which will  help you identify and prioritize outreach efforts.